Monday, September 21st 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -


I am welcoming


with my art of warm bright colors, full of leaves and season joy! 

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Saturday, September 19th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

Here is my new botanical watercolor of a blue orchid flowers. 

It looks so great in the interior decor of a home:

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Thursday, September 10th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -


This gorgeous landscape at Cape Meares Lighthouse opens up a view of Pacific Ocean from a high rocky cliff. The weather was just right for me to paint it. 

Here is a little bit of history of this beautiful place:

Obtained between 1938 and 1968 by lease and purchase from three federal government agencies, the park is surrounded by the Cape Meares National Wildlife Refuge. The cape itself was once an active lighthouse of the U. S. Coast Guard. The cape is named for the 18th century British naval officer, trader and explorer John Meares.

The lighthouse was built in 1889 and commissioned on January 1, 1890. The tower stands 38 feet high and is the shortest lighthouse in Oregon. It is constructed of bricks covered with iron plates. The original addition that now houses the interpretive shop was a work room built in 1895.  The current interpretive shop replaced the original work room in 1978.

The lens is a first order Fresnel lens made in Paris, France. It was shipped around Cape Horn, up the west coast to Cape Meares and then hauled 217 feet up the cliff by a wooden crane that was built from local timbers native to the area. It is an eight-sided lens with four primary lenses and four bull's-eye lenses with red panels covering the bull's-eye lenses. It produced about 30 seconds of fixed white light from the primary lens followed by a red flash of five seconds from the bull's-eye lens once every minute. This was the signature of Cape Meares Lighthouse. The primary lens produced 18,000 candlepower and the bull's-eye lens produced 160,000 candlepower. The light could be seen for 21 nautical miles at sea.

(information from official Cape Meares Lighthouse website) 

More Travel Sketches and Paintings from all over the World 


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Saturday, September 5th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

New watercolor painting of Red Poppies. I've painted them in botanical floral style. They look so great in interior decor:

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Sunday, August 30th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

Here is a new Watercolor Cauliflower Illustration on Food Packaging Design.

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Thursday, August 27th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -


This Summer season was quite busy for the artworks on merchandise. Besides several commission paintings commercial and private ones, my new

Sea And Ocean Creatures

series, one project that I haven't even announced yet, I was busy creating floral and some abstract designs for dresses, pillows, towels, bags, tops, blankets, curtains, and many other things that welcome the art and make our lives more cheerful and happy.

Above dress is made of deep sky blue and gentle watercolor red poppies in botanical style. 

A little bit of traveling nostalgia is reflected in Paris new design:  

Watercolor and Black Ink Red Poppies paintings were added to a design on black that makes the dress fit and slim: 

It looks very classy on any merchandise:

Loose Impressionistic Pink Flowers design is very refreshing and certainly lovely:

I had also incorporated Bright Cheerful Sunflowers in Impressionistic Style on many things for house decor, apparel, and useful items:

Sunflowers painted in more detailed botanical style in watercolor look so refreshing on a deep blue:

These designs are just a little part of what I was working on this summer. It is great to be busy and productive!

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Monday, August 24th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

In these two new paintings of

Impressionistic Flowers

I've explored an unfamiliar for me technique. I've painted them with pallet knife and I used water medium, gouache. It was really interesting to paint with gouache this way. 

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Monday, August 17th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

Professional watercolor artist illustrator paints what the customer requires. In this somewhat challenging watercolor project, I was asked to paint a few interesting things.

The chickpeas and bell peppers for this Humus Chips packaging design were certainly entertaining to paint. However, the chips with their shape were quite an interesting challenge to take on. The shape of the chips and the color were suppose to be exactly as the shape and color of this new actual product; so, I had to paint them from photograph. 

On the other hand, painting in watercolor a little pile of paprika peppers was lots of fun (dot by dot, crumb by crumb) :)

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Friday, August 14th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -


When I think about relaxation I always remind myself of a beautiful lake that I once visited in Finland. Today I painted a watercolor abstract thinking about this lake, relaxing, and meditating; allowing my watercolors flow freely.

Relaxing Meditative Lake Reflections Watercolor Painting In Interior  

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Monday, August 10th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

This new baby blue watercolor turtle was painted on abstract ocean waves. This painting would make a great centerpiece for a beach house theme interior decor.

More paintings of this theme is in

Sea And Ocean Creatures Art Gallery

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Monday, August 3rd 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

Here is a new product 1001 Night Porridge with my Watercolor Illustrations on it. It was quite interesting to paint spices, dried fruits, and even porridge itself all in watercolor for this product!

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Monday, July 27th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

Two cute watercolor Giant Turtles landed (or shell I sell dove in) into my

Sea And Ocean Creatures

Art Gallery. I had so much fun painting those fun looking animals that as they grow up become quite strong and almost have no enemies in the deep blue sea: 

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Monday, July 20th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

Here is a new Mozzarella Tomato Basil Watercolor illustrations on Food Packaging designs. It was quite challenging to paint white mozzarella in just a few colors such very faint yellow and grayish blue 


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Wednesday, July 22nd 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

The Sea And Ocean Creatures Gallery is growing and I am happy to present a few decorative ideas that can be found on my website for a beach house or just Sea World lovers.

Above painting is:

Find Nemo Happy Clownfish and Angel Fish In Corals Watercolor

The next painting is:

Teal Blue Fish Watercolor

Simple organic abstract waves look great in any house decor, but especially a beach house style decor:

Organic Blue Green Purple Waves Watercolor Painting  

Needless to say super cure Giant Sea Turtles can also very well highlight an interior decor of a beach house style home:

Sea Turtle I

Sea Turtle II

And I find Seahorses painted in silhouette form with happy watercolor splashes so cheerful and so greatly fit in light airy interior decor.

Seahorse I

Seahorse II

Live To Create!!!

Monday, July 13th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

The collection of

Sea And Ocean Creatures

has a new addition of light, luminous, and exotic Jellyfish. They are fun to paint yet not too much of the fun to meet one in the deep ocean or at the shore. I've heard that they are sometimes dangerous to touch.

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Thursday, July 9th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

Mango Goji Porridge Watercolor Illustrations On a new product Food Packaging 

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Sunday, July 5th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

Several new designs with blue organic watercolor lines on white and black background. 

I am so happy they look so nice on merchandise:

Blue Organic Ocean Waves On White

Organic Flow Blue Waves On Black

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Thursday, July 2nd 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

As I recently announced the company that makes prints of my art offered to create

face masks

and other merchandise such t-shirts, towels, bags, notebooks, mugs, beach towels with my watercolor on them. 

These are a few famous for face masks patterns that were recently sold. I am so glad that customers are keeping art in mind when it comes to self-protection:

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Monday, June 29th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

I am so happy that two of my watercolors were included into two new books for children under Open Hearts Project/Ready Set Go Books Project.

Book: Houses

Book: Together

About Ready Set Go Books

Open Hearts Big Dreams Fund Local Language Project:


This project is about creating a colorful, culturally appropriate books for Ethiopia to help increase the literacy rate. Millions of people in Ethiopia are eager to practice reading:

Students in overcrowded classrooms that may contain no books at all;

Women who didn't have a chance to go to school;

People of all ages who've never before seen words printed in their heart language.

Award-winning children's book author Jane Kurtz and her sister Caroline--who learned to read as children growing up in Maji, Ethiopia--are volunteering their time and artistic talents to create easy-to-read books inspired by stories, proverbs, and scenes from daily life in Ethiopia. An army of volunteers has stepped forward to help with illustration, translation, and design.

Learn more at our website

Each book purchased funds creating, printing and distributing multiple books to kids in Ethiopia.

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Tuesday, June 23rd 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

Dragon Fruit Watercolor Illustration on Food Packaging Design of a new Smoothie bottle that is now on the shelves of various grocery stores. 

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Tuesday, June 16th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

I am glad to present my recent bestselling Coloring Books.

The above one was created for kids and parents, but it seems that a lot of adults are enjoying this Flowers

Book With Butterflies

during quiet time at home these days.


Horses Book

as well as

Horses Hearts & Unicorns Book

are  also very popular this days, which makes me so happy:

And the leader bestseller book is

Botanical Flowers Coloring Book

with common and scientific names, this is the one that most customers buy not only to enjoy coloring but as well for future home decoration as these paintings can be placed in 8x10 inch frames and make a house a warm, cozy, welcoming place:

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Tuesday, June 9th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

New product with my watercolor food illustrations on packaging is now on the shelves of the stores.

It was fun painting radishes, chickpeas, and even Chia Seeds in watercolor.

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Friday, June 5th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

This cute Baby of a Sea Turtle was recently created; and, I placed this painting in a new Collection - Sea And Ocean Creatures.

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Friday, May 22nd 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

This is a commission painting that I completed in watercolor for my client's T-Shirt designs. The design itself is in ink only but the colorful watercolor one is available for all the clients who wants to put this adorable basset puppy on a print on a wall.

The good part of the commissioned design for merchandise is that customers can select any desirable color for a puppy's background. 

Here are just a few examples of how the puppy looks on variable things. Just click on the photo and it will bring you to my website where you can play with image's background selecting the one you like.

Coffee Mug 

On Beach Towels:

On Notebooks:

On Shower Curtain 

On T-Shirts:

On Tote Bag

On Tapestry 

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Sunday, May 17th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

I am so happy to announce that 

my website

 was visited by more than four million people. 

I want to say Many Thanks to my art collectors and customers!! 

Live To Create!