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Sunday, July 5th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

Several new designs with blue organic watercolor lines on white and black background. 

I am so happy they look so nice on merchandise:

Blue Organic Ocean Waves On White

Organic Flow Blue Waves On Black

Live To Create!!!

Thursday, July 2nd 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

As I recently announced the company that makes prints of my art offered to create

face masks

and other merchandise such t-shirts, towels, bags, notebooks, mugs, beach towels with my watercolor on them. 

These are a few famous for face masks patterns that were recently sold. I am so glad that customers are keeping art in mind when it comes to self-protection:

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Monday, June 29th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

I am so happy that two of my watercolors were included into two new books for children under Open Hearts Project/Ready Set Go Books Project.

Book: Houses

Book: Together

About Ready Set Go Books

Open Hearts Big Dreams Fund Local Language Project:


This project is about creating a colorful, culturally appropriate books for Ethiopia to help increase the literacy rate. Millions of people in Ethiopia are eager to practice reading:

Students in overcrowded classrooms that may contain no books at all;

Women who didn't have a chance to go to school;

People of all ages who've never before seen words printed in their heart language.

Award-winning children's book author Jane Kurtz and her sister Caroline--who learned to read as children growing up in Maji, Ethiopia--are volunteering their time and artistic talents to create easy-to-read books inspired by stories, proverbs, and scenes from daily life in Ethiopia. An army of volunteers has stepped forward to help with illustration, translation, and design.

Learn more at our website

Each book purchased funds creating, printing and distributing multiple books to kids in Ethiopia.

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Tuesday, June 23rd 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

Dragon Fruit Watercolor Illustration on Food Packaging Design of a new Smoothie bottle that is now on the shelves of various grocery stores. 

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Tuesday, June 16th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

I am glad to present my recent bestselling Coloring Books.

The above one was created for kids and parents, but it seems that a lot of adults are enjoying this Flowers

Book With Butterflies

during quiet time at home these days.


Horses Book

as well as

Horses Hearts & Unicorns Book

are  also very popular this days, which makes me so happy:

And the leader bestseller book is

Botanical Flowers Coloring Book

with common and scientific names, this is the one that most customers buy not only to enjoy coloring but as well for future home decoration as these paintings can be placed in 8x10 inch frames and make a house a warm, cozy, welcoming place:

Live To Create!!! 

Tuesday, June 9th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

New product with my watercolor food illustrations on packaging is now on the shelves of the stores.

It was fun painting radishes, chickpeas, and even Chia Seeds in watercolor.

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Friday, June 5th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

This cute Baby of a Sea Turtle was recently created; and, I placed this painting in a new Collection - Sea And Ocean Creatures.

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Friday, May 22nd 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

This is a commission painting that I completed in watercolor for my client's T-Shirt designs. The design itself is in ink only but the colorful watercolor one is available for all the clients who wants to put this adorable basset puppy on a print on a wall.

The good part of the commissioned design for merchandise is that customers can select any desirable color for a puppy's background. 

Here are just a few examples of how the puppy looks on variable things. Just click on the photo and it will bring you to my website where you can play with image's background selecting the one you like.

Coffee Mug 

On Beach Towels:

On Notebooks:

On Shower Curtain 

On T-Shirts:

On Tote Bag

On Tapestry 

Live To Create!!! 

Sunday, May 17th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

I am so happy to announce that 

my website

 was visited by more than four million people. 

I want to say Many Thanks to my art collectors and customers!! 

Live To Create! 

Tuesday, May 12th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

A new exciting commission painting of a Cute Little Basset Puppy Dog on a walk. I am so pleased how it looks not only on canvas on a wall but as well on various merchandise:

Live To Create!!!

Monday, May 4th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

It is time to say Many Many Thanks to the Art Collectors from different parts of the World for purchasing my art. 

Above painting was purchased by Art Collector from Chambersburg, PA.

 The customer from Peoria, IL  purchased the Red Slippers, Tin Man Heart, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow Hat painting from Wizard Of Oz series:  

And here is another Bestselling Watercolor Painting of Japanese Tea Garden in the design of Window that was purchased by the Art Collector from Sacramento, CA:

Many clients of mine in the last couple of months liked a lot a simple sketch style paintings. 

Here is an example, Bestselling Watercolor Painting of San Francisco Boat that was purchased by the Art Collector from Olivette, MO:

Art Collector from Chapel Hill, NC; bought two stretched canvas prints with my Bestselling Watercolor Painting of Sorrento Italy:

International customer from Great Britain purchased a simple but colorful print of the painting with German Munich Marienplatz Church:

Floral art was quite popular in the last few weeks, I guess the Summer Sunshine was truly reflecting on people's choices of the artwork.

Here is one of my Bestselling Watercolor Painting of Sunflowers on stretched canvas print that was purchased by dear Art Collector from Vacaville, CA:

And here the choice of customer from Fairfield, CA who purchased a set of Birthday Cards design of one of my Bestselling Watercolor Painting of iris flower:

But not only realistic flowers were popular this season. 

Here is Bestselling Watercolor Painting of Lollipops for Baby Room Interior decor that was purchased by the Art Collector from Minnesota:

Abstract Paintings were very popular as well.

Here is Bestselling Watercolor Painting of Blue Abstract Lines that was purchased by the Art Collector from Livingston,NJ:

And here one of two paintings that DesigersPrints Company acquired for their clients, the blue-green organic abstract painting that I created with acrylic:

And another creative abstract piece, this time with watercolor in Gray Hue was a print of my Bestselling Watercolor Painting that was shipped to Kalamazoo, MI:

I loved that the art collector from San Diego, CA loved my recent gouache painting of Fountain in the Spanish style Courtyard:

My Art Collectors were interested in hyper realistic styles as well. One of my favorite paintings in seascape collection the Girl And The Ocean went to Cottonwood, UT to the interior decor of a nice home of an Art Collector:

There are so many other prints that were purchased through licensing agreement. I can't name specific art collectors locations, but it was so sweet that customers liked my art for their home interior decor.

It is so sweet!

And the Sweetest print that was purchased recently and that what I am posting today to show, is my Bestselling Watercolor Painting of Strawberries that was purchased by the art collector from Salt Lake City, MA:

Live To Create!! 

Monday, April 27th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

I've decided to bring Spring into my house and painted this cheerful landscape with blossoming trees, oak orchard, and field filled with happy flowers. The path in this painting is a symbol of our long road to a better future. But even though the road is long, we still can notice beauty of the Nature, can't we!

The technique and materials that I've used when creating this landscape painting are a combination of loose watercolor wet-on-wet for the skies and Impressionistic paintbrush strokes with gouache for the tree blossoms, orchard's foliage, and Spring Flowers. 

I am very pleased how this artwork looks in any frames. Here is an example of a simple frame. And you can select any frame to see the difference by clicking on the image below:  

And here is an example how it would look like in the interior as framed art: 

Or as an art print on metal, acrylic, or canvas: 

Live To Create! 

Sunday, April 26th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

In my wildest dreams I wouldn't have thought that one day, I will create

face masks

with my art. But this has happened. The times of uncertainties bring all great minds thinking about how they can help the World to survive, and survive with grace, and with art. The company provider that sells my art offered to me to open a new line with Face Masks Art. I didn't think twice. And I am glad I did. 

The same day a customer from  Round Rock, TX   bought a mask with my photograph of tough

iguana :

And the next day customer from Arlington, WA purchased several masks with watercolor artworks:

And I cannot be more grateful to my dear friend that purchased two precious for her images, portraits of her granddaughter that I've painted almost a decade ago. Many thanks dear customer from American Canyon, CA:

Wear Face Mask! 

And when Life gives you Lemon, Make a Lemonade! :)

Monday, April 20th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

Salad Power Mix is  a new product on market with my watercolor seeds and quinoa illustrations that I've painted for my customer. I painted them and flakes in realistic style. They certainly look great on this small but cute and tasty packaging design.

Food Illustrations Gallery

Live To Create! 

Monday, April 13th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

Watching Nature waking up from the Winter Dream shifted my attention to a new Botanical series with Exotic

Leaves   .

The beauty of the leaves shapes and colors is endless. And they looks so great and fresh in the interior decor:

But thinking of these leaves, a monochrome pattern can also be amazing, isn't it. Take for example blue. It applies great into minimalist style interior decor of a living room:

And meantime, it is looking sweet and organic on different merchandise items such clothes, mugs, bags, pillows, etc :

Live To Create!!! 

Wednesday, April 8th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

Super Mix is  a new product on market with my watercolor legumes and quinoa illustrations that I've painted for my customer. I painted them in realistic style. They certainly look great on this tasty packaging design.

Here is a little note from the customer:

The new you side dishes are enjoyment and power in one. Simply replace your conventional side dish such as rice or potatoes with a You Bio Super Mix and you have created a tasty vegetarian protein source. They are also a source of fiber. Both mixtures are certified organic.

You Bio Super Mix millet


You cereal-legume mix

 with organic label is quickly prepared. The tasty mixture with red quinoa, green lentils, long-grain rice, millet and yellow lentils provide valuable protein and fiber.

You Bio Super Mix Mung Beans


Bio Super Mix with mung beans

 is the second alternative side dish mix. It consists of yellow lentils, long-grain rice and a 30 percent share of organically grown mung beans.

Food Illustrations Gallery

Live To Create! 

Saturday, April 4th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

My new semi-abstract painting

Flying To Freedom

is resonating with what is going on in my and many other peoples' lives when we live in times of uncertainties, isolation, and social distancing; while trying to find the best way to survive. 

My art these days helps me to feel free, float above some troubles, and brings joy of fresh air into my artist's heart.

Let's Splash Some Love to the others. I am certain for sure that watercolor does a great job to accomplish this task! :)

Live To Create!

Monday, March 30th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

It was really fun to paint realistic watercolor illustrations of walnuts, almonds, cashew, pecans, and pumpkin seeds for Feel Good Mix, Genius Mix, and Active Mix packaging designs for my client. 

Food Illustrations Gallery

Live To Create! 

Tuesday, March 24th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

Today, when all museums temporarily closed their doors to public, I want to invite you to a five-hour long excursion at one of the most beautiful museums of the World - The Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg Russia.

This movie is filled with visual arts, amazing architecture, dance, and music:

I used to go there every month when I was younger. My parents were true believers to educate their kids with art and beauty. Growing up in the city filled with gorgeous architecture and interesting museums, certainly reflected on my current carrier. I can't imagine myself not to do arts or stop reading about artists and art history. 

Live To Create! 

Tuesday, March 24th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

One of my art followers said that she picked up those Morning Drinks from the shelf of the supermarket being attracted by the packaging design with watercolor illustrations on it. This was amazing for her that coincidentally, she found me on Facebook later through a chain of friendships from other artists  realizing that I was the one who painted those watercolor chocolates and coffee. 

I am myself now craving those delicious drinks once I realized they are in production, and they certainly look so attractive and promising tasty experiences!

Food Illustrations Gallery

Live To Create!


Friday, March 20th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

In the days of uncertainty and chaos it is hard sometimes to stay calm and happy. 

Art makes me happy. 

I've created this artwork and named it

Solitude & Serenity . I wanted to use warm colors for this semi-abstract lake, placing a single, maybe lonely, boat. I was certainly hoping to make this quiet place and this boat to be tranquil, inviting the viewer to stop for a moment, take a deep breath; and, perhaps to think more positively. 

Live To Create 

Tuesday, March 17th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

These large packages of Honeycomb Dips by Mighty Fine that successfully took off in Holiday Season now continue bringing satisfaction to people with a sweet tooth, no Holiday needed to enjoy those delightful treats. 

I painted many different watercolor variations of those honeycombs covered with chocolate.

This is one of the examples of realistic style watercolour:

Food Illustrations Gallery

Live To Create! 

Sunday, March 15th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

Ten Online Museums to go visiting without leaving your house (plus BONUS):

1. Pinacoteca di Brera - Milan

2. Galleria degli Uffizi - Florence

3. Musei Vaticani - Rome…/collezio…/catalogo-online.html

4.  National Archaeological Museum  - Athens

5. Prado - Madrid

6. Louvre - Paris

7. British Museum - London

8. Metropolitan Museum - New York

9. Hermitage - Saint Petersburg

10. National Gallery of art - Washington

11. (BONUS)  


Wednesday, March 11th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

The new packaging with watercolor illustrations of fresh and freeze dried fruits and vegetables are now on market in the supermarket and shops in Europe. 

It was interesting to paint for me fresh fruits as I am so used to those kind of commissions, but it was the first time in my artist career when I had to paint freeze dried fruits. Yet it was too quite fun to challenge myself :) 

Food Illustrations Gallery

Live To Create! 

Monday, March 9th 2020   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

It is a great honor to be exhibited in the Art Gallery space of a local store in Washougal, Washington . The vintage shop

My Mother’s Closets

started last year by presenting jewelry and antique furniture, vintage dishware, and cute accessories; and, this year a spacious renovated art room filled with beautiful art from local artists and artists from all over the World was open. 

I received a proposal from the owners of the shop to exhibit my six paintings with Italian Landscapes:

Amalfi Coast Ravello Mediterranean Sea Shore With Flowers Watercolor

Romantic Ride Is Ready Venice Gondolier Italian Channel Watercolor

Boboli Gardens Italy Florence In Fall

Venice Morning San Giorgio Maggiore And Santa Maria Della Salute Watercolor

Amalfi Coast Grotto Emeraldo Mediterranean Sea Shore

Ponte Vecchio Florence Italy Watercolor

When I met with Ellen Fanale to sign the contract she told me

an interesting story

about her endeavor with My Mother’s Closets , her travels, and her decision about creating a great meeting spot for her community to learn, to laugh, to have fun. 

She plans to organize many interesting workshops there either at very low cost (just to cover materials) or no cost at all. Her ideas range from jewelry making classes, art workshops for all ages, majoun game courses, to discussion meetings on various topics. I am amazed with Ellen’s enthusiasm.  

It is wonderful to realize that our small beach town Washougal at the Columbia River bank has now a special space dedicated to the artists who want to exhibit their arts and crafts throughout the year no matter rain or shine! 

Live To Create! 


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