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Art Tips
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3 Reasons Why Consistency is King For The Successful Artist
Saturday, April 30th 2016   -   By: Daniel   -

Today as I was wandering through the San Diego Artwalk Festival I was reminded of the supreme importance for an artist to have a consistent style. There was a lot of mediocre art, a few really inspiring art booths, and a range in between. What struck me most though was that many of the artists clearly had talent that was not fully developed because their work was unfocused and spread across several styles.

Its a well-known concept that is drummed into artists almost continually by art coaches and marketing consultants – be consistent! But why Why is
Six Secrets for Cultivating a Successful Artist
Tuesday, September 30th 2014   -   By: Daniel   -

What is Success? It’s something that has many layers from the personal to the universal. In the narrowest sense its something unique and subjective that you have to define for yourself. There are general themes like recognition, fame, earning an income, financial freedom, happiness, etc. But the exact definition really depends on the individual and what makes them tick.

At the other extreme there is a broader context of success – one that goes beyond the personal into the universal and looks at the legacy we leave for those around us or who come after a
Art Marketing – What Really Is The Secret?
Saturday, March 15th 2014   -   By: Daniel   -

Since we started Art Marketing Secrets in 2005 there has been a treasure trove of truly great advice from literally thousands of sites on how to market and sell art online and offline. Its entirely possible that the sum total of all the worlds best thinking on this topic has already been expressed and exhausted multiple times. Many times when I read articles about marketing or selling art, I feel like I’m just reading the same old stuff creatively re-expressed in new phrases. I mean really – how much more can be said?

The question is –

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Art Events
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Lore Degenstein 8th Figurative Drawing and Painting - PA
$5,000 in awards. Deadline: September 3, 2016
4th Eros Awards: Fine art and Erotic Nudes Competition
$2000 Grand Prize. Deadline: July 31, 2016
PLATFORM Artist of the Year - Online contest
$375,000 in prizes. Deadline: July 31, 2016

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Community Blog Posts
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Wednesday, July 6th 2016   -   By: Scott Plaster   -
This painting was done completely on location under one of my favorite trees in our side yard. I was inspired by the simple scene of the dogwood trees sunlit from behind.
Painting the house...
Wednesday, July 6th 2016   -   By: Scott Plaster   -
Here on summer vacation, I'm sure we all have a long To-Do list of household tasks. But who would rather paint the house, than paint a picture of it? This painting was started outside plein aire and quickly sketched. Then I finished inside in the studio.

A challenge and my focus was to capture the different "layers"of distance.
The Latest from Whimsical Artist Scott Plaster
Tuesday, July 8th 2014   -   By: Scott Plaster   -
Can't Read the Email?

Click HERE.

Although I've been on a sort of "hiatus" for a while, I have some interesting developments in my art world that I wanted you to know about. I hope you check them out...

Buy Prints and Cards Directly

When I look at the list of galleries and shops around the state that have carried my work, a shocking number of them are out of business! In today's world, we're used to just ordering what we need right on the internet. To follow the trend, you can now order my prints and cards directly from my website

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Art News
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Will The Arizona Theatre Company Pair Up With A University
Sunday, July 10th 2016   -   By: ArtsJournal2   -
“I do not see a clear future for the theater, considering the fundraising difficulties, without something like this.”
Black Lives Matter Activists Take It Off The Street And
Sunday, July 10th 2016   -   By: Neda Ulaby   -

A postcard from the Underground Museum in Los Angeles, featuring reactions to the week's events from several founders of the Black Lives Matter movement.
This Week In Audience: What Audiences Want (And How They
Sunday, July 10th 2016   -   By: ArtsJournal   -
This week: How do you keep the immersive experience “art”?… Screens are killing dance (unless they’re not)… A Music store that’s figured out community… The Louisville Symphony tries a new community model… Now audio is beating video – who knew?

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