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By: Asha   -
I had a good evening yesterday..Met up with my cousin ( uncle by status ) that I have not seen since 17 - 20 years ago.

It was a good time, meeting long lost family and catching up.

Especially, with the difficult time I am having now. I miss Prashanth, I miss Papa, and I also miss the company of a very dear good special friend.

I have been wondering and there are so so many thoughts that are going on in my mind..I just want things to be as it is.

There is a lot silence going on and I feel being avoided and ignored.( But of course I pray hard that is not the case...)

I just want to be told by this person if this person is avoiding or ignoring..instead of keeping silent and change the tone of conversation..

Last night, I just broke down looking at my fate of life..I lost Prashanth, I lost my father, but I had a friend that was with me all the while.. then suddenly, its just like we almost dunno each other..

Why so much challenges? How much can a person take?

I sometimes feel like giving up, but I just kept of fighting and fighting ..

But seriously, how much?

Tuesday, October 18th 2011   -   By: Asha   -
When I woke up in the morning today, I had a thought - Will my friend still be a friend.

There were a series of thoughts going on :

1- Things are catching up and my friend is very very much too busy

2- Things are hard for my friend and my friend may be having some issues with some things

3- IT IS NORMAL FOR A FRIEND TO REACT LIKE THIS ( this one i have scratch off cos i dun think so a friend should be like this, i will never ever ever do this to my friend )

4- I hope it is reason #1 and # 2 is why my friend has been not talking well to me.

5- Oh! I do not want this to happen - my friend is avoiding and ignoring me ( if my does do that, I really regret being frank and shared a lot of stuff )

I hope my friend is good today and the Lord will help if my friend is in trouble or facing some issues. I pray that the Lord will be there for my friend. Lord, I need my friend.. you know how much I need my friend.

Tuesday, October 18th 2011   -   By: Asha   -
I remember the day we became friends,

I remember how we started by just a simply hello and how I said "we were not suppose to meet this way".

I remember how the friendship grow and how you were always there when I needed a shoulder to cry,

I remember how your words - wiped my tears, made me laugh, made me smile again,

I remember how close our friendship became and how I wished it will always be that way...

I remember being happy talking to you, tho we never actually met,

I remember how words impacted me,

I remember the sweet names we call each other, and how it made me smile,

I remember the excitement seeing your mail every single time,

I remember the day I was going to meet you,

I remember how I felt so worried,

I remember definitely that you said I think too much,

I remember I was indeed thinking too much,

I remember how you sounded on the phone,

I remember how you said hello,

I remember how close the friendship had turned,

I remember fearing things will not be the same again,

I remember you assured me - it will always be the same,

I remember slowly, we stopped talking,

I remember telling myself, work is catching up,

I remember not receiving mails from you anymore,

I remember the sweet names are not replied anymore,

I remember slowly, there were no more response,

I remember how I feel when things are going apart,

I remember how a friend treats another friend and this is definitely not the way to treat a friend,

I remember how my calls are not answered, sms not replied,

I remember you said - this is normal but I know its not,

I remember sitting at a corner crying - the fact that I am losing a very good friend,

I wish I could tell you, I know you are somehow avoiding me. For what ever reasons, I have no idea. You may said I do not know you well, but it does not need to know someone too well to realize I am being avoided.

I wish I knew what did I do? Was it the frankness? Was it the sharing?

I remember the boundaries you created - but this avoidance game is definitely doesn't fit the boundaries.

I do not want to remember you as a stranger again but I will remember you as a good special friend you were.. truly the gift from the Lord to me.
Tuesday, April 26th 2011   -   By: Asha   -
Sad news, i will be bedresting for the whole week due my health condition.

It is a shocking news as this was so sudden.

I should be more careful and be less clumsy.

Bedrest is going to be boring .. I am already thinking all the papers that i need to mark next week.

Speedy recovery to me :(
Monday, April 25th 2011   -   By: Asha   -
Singing the Monday Blues....

I hate Mondays.. it is so hard to get up on a Monday morning.Anyways, I feel that after settling down to my new place end of this year, I do not think that waking up Monday morning can be so hard. I am saying so because, I can wake up a little bit later i guess ( after a long 6 years of getting up at 0430 to get ready to work)

There is not much on an update ( one reason why I haven't update my blog for a long long time ) BTW, i have decided to just maintain one number instead of two :)

I am now so much addicted to a few series - Cougar Town, Castle, Covert Affairs, Criminal Minds,Vampire Diaries, House.

And yeah, back to memory lane - I redownloaded all Charmed season. I love the Charmed ones. Who cannot love them?

And have you all watched the latest American Idol? I must say that this year has the best contestant! I simply love James Durbin and Haley :D.. Paul is out which I am pretty sad and so as Pia. Seriously, I tot Pia would be in the finals. And hey hey, Scotty can never go out i guess cos there are too many girls are crazily in love with come on last week? Stefano was so much better than him but Stefano was eliminated.

Well yeah. i think i am going to stop here now. I hope i will have more ideas to write on. Life is same old same old -- boring i guess :D
Tuesday, March 15th 2011   -   By: Asha   -
Imagine there is no other way to communicate with the world outside.

That is what i am going through now. well.. not completely but like a quarter..

Both my phones are not working.. I terminated the digi line and my celcom phone is barred. yishhh....

the only mean of communication that i have now is my broadband at home.

cheh cheh cheh....

i need to go and buy a new prepaid to replace my dumb digi :(

sigh sigh sigh
Monday, March 14th 2011   -   By: Asha   -
Well.. remember about the new beginning i was writing in the previous post.. well.. yes its been carried out but in a much smaller scale.

There are so many things worrying me and sometimes i wish i could read people minds.

There are so many things one can hope and i just hope i can get what i want..

anyways. sports day has ended and yeap .. it is the last sports day for me and i am so glad that my Red house won again.. this is the fourth year we became champions and i am so proud of all my students that participated and made this came thru.. and of course.. all the teachers that were behind the scene -training them and making the student perfect their routine and march and run and their banner.. thanks to the teachers and the students, we are champions AGAIN!

I hope next year when i come and visit... RED will be champions for the fifth year!

till then.. tata for now
Saturday, March 5th 2011   -   By: Asha   -
Ok. This time, I will use my blog as a tool for me to keep track of my weight loss programme.

I started last year going to the gym and manage to loss all those pounds I aimed to but towards half way i broke down and i didnt continue to due many personal issues.

This year is an important year mainly one its going to be my wedding and two, i have touched 29 and i want to enter 30's with a slammin' body :D ( too much? nah i dun think so .. )

But losing so much weight takes a lot of effort not only in discipline but also perseverance. there are going to be many many episodes where you just feel like giving up. the stress level is so so high. Losing so much does not only need exercise but the food we consume needs to be reduced. And food reduction is the painful part.

You go to work where everybody eats heavily for breakfast and lunch and im sure they eat heavily for dinner. so yeah its like a 3 x heavy meals which well i have been doing since the start of time :p

so to me, the food reduction is a big wall to push and crumble. i use to eat salads before this ( last year when i lose a lot ) but you will realise something... Healthy food burns the pocket. I spend 3x more than eating 3 x BIG meals.

And with the gym subscription, no no. i need money to be saved for future expenses and i cannot afford to spend that much on food .

So yeah... its very tuff.

i have quit gym and changed my eating pattern and i have decided that today is DAY 1!

What do i ate today ?

i started off with cereals and biscuits.

and had an early lunch of rice and meat.

slept the whole afternoon after taking my medications.

woke up took tea and biscuits.

and then i worked out cardio a whole hour.

took my bath and took my supplements  ( 11.16 pm )

Should i get hungry, I would settle for a cereal with milk ( low fat )

What is my target weight ? 55 - 60kg.

To reach 60 kg its  total of 28 kg to lose.

Alot, yes!! but i must and i can do it!!
Saturday, February 5th 2011   -   By: Asha   -
Well, considering this is my second last day of my 5 days break, I did plan to mark some books which I fail to!

I must keep in mind now that I need to mark them tomorrow.

Erm. well today i did quite a big online shopping, purchasing new clothes for work and i would want to look more stylish :D

hahaha... anyways... i really wanted to use some of my bonus cash to get some clothes. so yeap 2 pants and a few blouses and 1 dress really made my day :D
Tuesday, February 1st 2011   -   By: Asha   -
Yeah you read it, I am starting a 5 days break from today for Chinese New Year.

IT is so exciting, because its a day we spend with loved ones and at the same time we get to rest all day long.

Today will be the awaited reunion dinner, which we all have been looking forward to for a long long long time because mom will be cooking at her best :D

Friday evening, i will be going to a colleague's house for a house warming ceremony and that is also looked forward by myself...i will be going with Marien and her husband as my friends place is kinda far la :p

This year, i will be missing something tho... i dun get to see Prashanth... he will be going back to ipoh and i am not. there so little time and i would be rushing to go to ipoh during this break.

I really hope to see him soon.

And till then, i am signing off... Happy Chinese New Year!
Sunday, January 30th 2011   -   By: Asha   -
Well, i can say that my weekend was good.

i spend my days sleeping a lot yesterday and then watched Cougar Town ( again )... i really am falling for this series. i find it funny and nice and yeah witty too..

erm yeah then i had like plenty of free time and i was in the mood to do the monthly test questions and yeah baby i completed monthly test 2 for the forms 2s and monthly test 3 for the form 1s :D

sweet right...

i am kinda into a several phones now after iPhone...

and those phone would namely be the nokia n8, nokia x3 and HTC desire Z.

i hope i can get either the n8 or the desire Z :D

aw... good night world. am getting sleepy.. tomoro is a monday Sigh :p
Wednesday, January 26th 2011   -   By: Asha   -

it has been like ages since i blog last .. and i am guessing i blogged about lie to me in like what? one line?

there use to be a time that i use to love to blog..

but now, i just can't find the topic to blog about.

anyways.. i got myself hooked into few series .. lie to me and cougar town.

who would have knew that cougar town was both funny and interesting? haha GAC :D

neways... yeah talking about " i do not know what to blog " erm i gues i can talk about my weight challenge.

i am overweight currently and my dearest daddy in law made a deal with me that i am to lose to 60kg by June and he will sponsor me a whole trip to Chennai, India and yeap sponsor the shopping as well..

hell yeah.. bring it on. i am so into the challenge and i have shorten the duration to by may 11 :D why particularly may 11.. hahaha cos thats the time prashanth will complete his Housemanship and i get to flaunt the new me! :p

so please readers out there.. pray and PRAYYY for me!!!
Monday, December 20th 2010   -   By: Asha   -
Short update : Lie to Me really rocks ;)
Saturday, November 27th 2010   -   By: Asha   -

The school holidays have kicked in and so far, it is fantastic.

There are however, few must thing that I need to do during this holidays..

SOW Maths and History Sejarah Form 1 notes ( presentation ) Presentation on ICT next year Worksheets and notes for Maths ( form 2 and form 3 )

And of course, things that I want to do for myself

Take more good pictures and make use of my camera and my design skills. Take more objects instead of people I know because people get sensitive sometimes when their pictures are uploaded. Draw what I left early this year Play more games  Lose more and more weight and reach the ideal weight which is halfway through now.

So many things eh? 

And yes, on top of that, I want to spend more time with my favorite doctor :D

Chow now.. am considering should I have a tumblr account ?

Monday, November 15th 2010   -   By: Asha   -
Well.. it has been sometime since I blogged and I am seriously feeling bad for it.

The year is almost coming to an end. It is almost end of November and December will come and say good bye in swift.

School has come to an end with a lot of ups and downs. I will missing some of my children who will be going away soon to another school. To them, I will definitely miss you all and hope you all will do very well in your future undertakings.

PMR too has ended and I really pray that all my 7 Mathematics students will excel in their PMR as I had the believe you guys can do it.

Awards day has ended today in fact, me in charge of performance, was having a big nerve wrecking for me today and Thank the Lord, it went okay.

And yes, Deepavali has also come and went last month. It was a quiet event with Prashanth was not feeling well during the break and it was just yeah.. a quiet Deepavali in Ipoh.

I have realised and grown to understand and appreciate my relationship more. And I will definitely guard my relationship with all my strength and life. This is our relationship and it has this hidden and sacred bond between me and Prashanth. That bond that never exhaust me of forever loving him and always just in love more and more with him.

Our love has been tested by time by God and with the blessings and showings from the almighty, I will never ever un-treasure my relationship with Prashanth.

I love you loads and I am waiting for the day where we bind ourselves with rings that shows eternity.

I am anxiously waiting for December actually, and the meanwhile anxiously and working so hard to achieve the perfect certain number in life.

I need to look good and feel good :)

Before I leave, I am just going to share a few pictures during Deepavali. What do you think of my skills ? Is it improving ? :p

Tuesday, October 26th 2010   -   By: Asha   -
sometimes, there are things that we want the most.

we want to be the only one and we want to be loved dearly.

without knowing, we fought for the love and care and it hurts us at the end.

what happened then, it has been pushed so far far away.

i always do mistakes .. always. i regret doing mistakes but sometimes it just happens.

i can always control my temper but when it shoots up, i cannot. i must do something about it. i have to.

i always dreamed of a beautiful life. i hope i can one day. i hope i can.

Tuesday, September 21st 2010   -   By: Asha   -
Gosh it has been such a long time again since i updated my blog.

Nothing much happened except that i am now engaged and pmr is coming up real soon.

My engagement was nothing big.. a small and simple one and haha we didnt have rings as well :p

but nevertheless i was very happy , it can be one of the blessed and happy day for me after tiring week of painting up the house and cleaning up the house as well.

ah well .. registration will be in december and then i will be legally married.. hahahahaha

Wednesday, August 25th 2010   -   By: Asha   -
Tomorrow please wish me well.

Tomorrow please hope I do good.

Tomorrow please be good.

Tomorrow please be the new gateway to my happiness.

Tomorrow please answer all my prayers.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow,

Present is anxious to me you Tomorrow.

Thursday, August 19th 2010   -   By: Asha   -
hahaha. few days i have been having thoughts that i am a stalker :p

continuously a little wishing - he would be there :D

hahaha.. its not a crush or what so ever.. i have my love of my life for that has my heart.. but its just admiration. he is so so beautiful.

well.. edward cullen - i still love you.

Tuesday, August 17th 2010   -   By: Asha   -
hmm how should i start this...ermmm well its most definitely i am not stalking..

there is this guy that i have been noticing for the past few weeks...

he is so beautiful.. nice hair and best part.. hmmm somehow i cannot take my eyes off him.

and today.. he was sitting right opposite me and i cannot stop blushing.. hahaha...

somehow.. hahaha he reminds me of edward cullen :p pale face and thin and have that same hair.

hmm i manage to steal a look at his work tag and found out his name.. kinda disappointed seeing his name for some reason..ah well..

he is just someone i can just look :) and admire his good looks.. ahhh ..hihihihi.

i hope he doesnt think im stalking him ....

awww edward :D

Sunday, August 15th 2010   -   By: Asha   -
Yeap Edward. Do you feel like i feel?

Thats novel, it takes every breath of us away and then the next thing you know it takes our remaining breath away by making a movie with real life walking people.

Thoughts like, why cant i have that or why cant i be an actress instead of a teacher in malaysia ?

or things like , wow its not fair i should be born there and get a chance to be with Edward urmm no.. Robert Pattinson :)

but yeah thats that. its something everyone say its like a dream away. but it aint a dream for them right? i mean they got the role, they became actors and actresses :)

why not us?

anyways.. this is just my morning grumble ... after reading Eclipse again and watching it in cinemas..

Edward .. Edward.. when will you feel like i feel ?

Monday, August 9th 2010   -   By: Asha   -
sometimes i find it very hard to understand why people think that they are so great and superior that we all should fear them?

what makes them think that they have all the rights to say such statements that hurt people and statements like "nobody actually helped me and just stood there to look at me"

why can't they even think in their right working mind, that why aren't anyone bothered to help you?

because you are EVIL. you are plain downright mean and evil and say anything you wish.

you boast of overconfidence sometimes and most time makes you look dumb and stupid.

what goes around, comes around... like what you said once, you believe in karma.

yeah right... someone like you should not believe in karma as karma if were a person, would laugh out loud rolling on the floor looking at you.

well moral of the story, be nice and nice comes to you.


Saturday, August 7th 2010   -   By: Asha   -
Yeah.. after a very very long time, i am writing again..

Erm... nothing much actually happened during the long time of not writing..

Was so busy with much and many things to do..

anyways... i wanted to really share this~~

I got myself my P license :D

Congratulations la to myself :D

Sunday, March 7th 2010   -   By: Asha   -

Sunday, February 21st 2010   -   By: Asha   -

The photo will speak itself :D

No need introduction to this little guy here.

Very cute and talkative and i still remember the first day i saw him.. hahaha..

He was very young that time and now he is in form 1.. going to be 13 years old.. a teenager !!!

This picture was taken by my bf in his aunty's home prayers.. and yeap this little guy here is my bf's youngest cousin.

Goutam the terror he calls himself in Mafia Wars :p

so yeap... meet Goutaman!

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