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The human has needed the spiritual teachings since time immemorial, but in the new time, where progress in technology and in all sciences as well as with regard to religions and sects knows no limits, the human needs the teaching of the spirit even much more in order to not completely deviate from the Creational laws and directives. This is a fact, which may surprise many humans, but effectively considered, only relatively small progress has been made with respect to consciousness-related evolution compared with technology and all sciences in human respects. It is true that the human has made many kinds of improvements with regard to the standard of living and living conditions in material respects, but progress is truly low in the explanation of the human's inner world. Indeed, over the course of the century and millennium, a great progress has thus emerged in all material realms, whereas what is consciousness-related, however, has yielded, which has led to the bad treatment and partly devastating atrophying of the human's true inner values and his entire inner world. The true life and the true values of life have gone astray from the human, as also the knowledge of the Creational laws, which regulate the entire life of every single life form, from the fauna and flora up to the human.

Certainly, the terrestrial human has conquered very many illnesses and various evils through which many lives were brought to death, but this may not hide the fact that many illnesses and evils still spread, which bring death, misery and suffering over the world. Regarding this, may the thoughts just once be directed at the diverse plagues as well as at the wars and terrorism, which bring so much suffering, mourning and calamity over countless humans, over women, children and men. Therefore, it is such that although high sciences have been created and a very high technology has been developed, which even leads out into space, misery, suffering, pain, fear and anguish still have found no end. That is to say, if one calamity, one evil and one hardship are gone, then these are only replaced by the next similar and even more worse events. Certain illnesses have disappeared from the western world, but they threaten to return again through the irrationality of the terrestrial human, while, at the same time, cancers, AIDS, psyche-related illnesses and consciousness-related illnesses escalate and rapidly spread worldwide in large measure.  
Large-trotting social sciences have been created, through which many reasons for the weaknesses of society can probably be named, but the most important facts remain hidden to them, namely because the solutions have been and continue to be sought solely in material matters, and because everything rests only in a superficial would-be knowing and would-be understanding of the true factors. Thereby, however, the weaknesses of the individual human and the whole society cannot be corrected, quite to the contrary, because everything always becomes even worse and more difficult. But the fact is that many humans perceive but are not able to define and understand these discrepancies, which wakens and allows the growth of the wish in them to do something about it as an individual human and to change society or even only individually for the better. But this fails, on the one hand, in that no personal experience exists and one's own limits are not recognized, and on the other hand, because neither an individual human nor the whole society can be changed for the reason, not specifically, that the individual human as well as society must change themselves for the better through their own initiative. Thus, it remains, to the individual who has the wish to bring about a change in the individual or society, only a pipe dream that ultimately ends in a feeling of powerlessness. The spiritual teachings, which lead back to the Creational laws and were put down in writing by the ur-primal prophets Nokodemion, Henok and Henoch, teach that all fundamental causes and effects that are called forth through the human rest on false ideas on which life, thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as words, working, deeds and actions are based. The spiritual teachings lead out of these false ideas because they offer the path of self-recognition and self-realization as well as the necessary abilities and possibilities for it, in which specially useful meditations lead the whole thing to success and the goal. In all that lies a tremendous and unlimited potential - instead of limitations and failure. Overall, the spiritual teachings create positive experiences, and their experiencing, whereby an exposure to difficulties in life and in every situation is made possible, leads to success. These experiences and their experiencing, in fact, give strength and energy for the handling of life, and they also bring hope, courage and motivation as well as the will, doing a great deal for the individual human as well as for society and showing a way that, if it is independently motivated and willfully followed by the individual, really leads to success.

9.1 Anti-Christ

Age of Aquarius / "Anti-Christ" Age - defined - 39.245-247

The prophesized End-Times or the time of the anti-Christ, is actually when earthly humans will release themselves from their religious delusions and turn towards truth once again. This time is connected to the Age of Aquarius. The End-Times has already begun with the passage from the first half into the second half of this Age. The catastrophes that were prophesized by all of the prophets, as well as Jmmanuel, of great confusion, mass murders, religious and political wars, the degeneration of humanity, and the evils of the last centuries will surely come to pass with even heavier events that are still to come.

9.2 Bible

Bible - 61.37

The Sanskrit-scripts are very exact and very precise in special concerns regarding information from earlier epochs. This is not the case with the Biblical scripts because they are the most inaccurate here.

9.3 God (IHWH)

God (IHWH) - 1.40-49

Above everything, there remains only one that possesses the power of life and death over each creature. This is the Creation, which has laid its laws over all. These laws are irrefutable and of eternal validity. Human beings can recognize them in nature when they trouble themselves to do so. They expose for him the way of life and the way of spiritual greatness, embodying the goal of life. While humans indulge in their religions, and by this a heresy, they pass more and more away until they finally reach a bottomless abyss.

Humanity should realize that a god is never able to take the place of the Creation or destine the fate of a human being. A god is only a governor and a mere a human being who exercises a powerful reign of tyranny over his fellow creatures. God is not the Creation, but is only a creature of it like all Creation-dependent creatures. But, Earth humans hunt for their religious wrong beliefs and affirm God as the Creation itself. They go even further and pretend that a normal Earth human by the name of “Jmmanuel”, who is also called “Jesus Christ”, is God’s only son and the Creation itself. Different sects of the modern time go on to maintain these same things, which approach delusion.

God - 5.135-151

In a far away solar system, human beings improved their technical knowledge. They also improved their spirit so that nothing remained strange for them. Step by step, they raised themselves above other races as their governors. They called themselves kings of wisdom, or IHWH. On Earth, this was translated to mean God. They governed in an evil and dictatorial form. But after centuries of this, the people of Earth became tired of the god-like scientists and they rose up against them. Because of the spiritual forces and large knowledge of the gods, the nations had to submit under their rule. (See section 7.3)

9.4 Jmmanuel (Jesus)

(See section 1.4 for a conversation between Meier and Jmmanuel)

The birth date of Jmmanuel - 10.272-277

Meier has intuitively been able to exactly calculate the actual birth date of Jmmanuel to be the 3rd of February, as determined from the Christian chronology on Earth. Earthly years always have the same number of days every four years, so there are no shifts in years. Thus, a certain date remains the same as long as the concerning division of time is valid.

Jmmanuel - feeding of the 5000 with bread - 38.124-130

In a state of real-vision, (See section 4.2.9) influenced people become masters of many spiritual forces, which lie sleeping in their subconscious. They use them unconsciously to compensate for feelings of hunger and thirst by condensing matter into eatable and drinkable things, which they experience in their real-visions to provide nourishment. This is similar to the event demonstrated by Jmmanuel when he fed 5,000 people with bread that he multiplied in this way. The difference is that real-vision influenced people exercise these abilities unconsciously, while Jmmanuel was consciously able to do it.

Jmmanuel in Florida - 39.P197

Jmmanuel was once in Hyperborea, where Florida is located today.

Religious UFO sects & Jmmanuel - 41.16

The earthly sectarians who work in UFO groups are led astray and worship extraterrestrials as sent by God and angels. They believe that they are spiritual beings of total perfection who are capable of using mental processes for the procreation of Jmmanuel. These religious interpretations are completely not true and reach the limit of stupidity.

Jmmanuel - 45.149-151

Jesus is the incorrect name for Jmmanuel, who was against this name because he knew the future and he knew what would be made of him. Jesus is the value of anti-logos, which the Christian church altered to anti-Christ. In addition, the true lessons of Jmmanuel were also changed until they were indiscernible. The cabalists already knew about these matters for about 2,000 years. This is why they always try to falsify the values.

Jmmanuel - 70.171

Plejos was a very wise and merciful Plejaren governor on Earth. Before returning to the Pleja system, he ordered the procreation of Jmmanuel who was educated to become a prophet for his mission on Earth.

9.5 Jehav or Jehova

Jehav or Jehova - 9.152-158

With his guardian angels, IHWH Arus let the newly created people of Earth worship and adore him as the Creation and his sub-leaders as creational assistants. He established hard and severe laws that always demanded the blood of violators. His son, Jehav, was not much better when he took over domination of the three enslaved races 3,400 years later. He was also called an IHWH and always demanded the blood and death of all those who violated his laws.

Jehova - 38.23-28

The Hebrews freed themselves from his command when Arussem had to hand over his government to his follower by the name of Jehova. The Hebrews grew in number and chose themselves as the elected people with the right to form a world government, despite never having been a nation, but simply a gathering of lowly Gypsies comprised of many colors and races. Ever since then, they have behaved as pre-selected ones for the control of the Earth. They found a way to realize their desires through Kamagol I, who was the successor of Jehova.

Jehova - 39.67-75

During the time of Moses, Jehova proclaimed himself as the Creation and spoke of all-encompassing love, grace, and justice while demanding innocent human blood and allowed the bestial slaughter of millions of people on Earth. Humans call him the biblical God, while he is known to the Plejarens as the unjust and cruel one. He found his end around 2,150 years ago. He was an evil, power-hungry creature who led his regiment against another good IHWH and coerced numerous human beings toward their death. Christianity of today still provides a hellish contribution for him, as his wicked influence was immense. Ultimately, he holds the most guilt for the madness of his cultic religion and the slaughter of millions of innocent human beings in his debt.

Jehova - drawing by Semjase - 39.118-120

Semjase presented Meier with a portrait that she drew of Jehova. Meier sarcastically called him their special hero and stated that he just does not look kind. He also said that it would have been best if he had been removed from power and Semjase agreed.

Jehova took power in 3,010 BC - 70.157-158

Arussem governed until 3,010 BC when he was removed by a powerful forced departure, which was prepared for him by a mutineer by the name of Henn. The Hebarons called him Jehova and then, gradually within his own ranks, the surname of “The Cruel One” was added. In the year 2,080 BC, when Jehova was old and weak, he was displaced by his nephew, Kamagol I, who seized command of the evil Gizeh-Intelligences.

9.6 Prayer

Prayer - 18.105-130

In the designation by earthly humans, a prayer means in truth, a wish in the form of an appeal to the spirit in humans for something that is needed. True spiritual humans, whose force, knowing, and ability of their spirit is consciousness, no longer pray. This is because they already live in the knowledge that the almighty force of their spirit is always available to be used. The non-spiritual person is not able to do this and so he must activate his spirit with conscious prayers. Spiritual humans always use the forces and abilities of their spirit quite consciously while non-spiritual humans offer prayers of wishes with devotion and doubts. Their prayers are not directed to their spirit or the Creation, but towards a higher religious power or force, which in truth, does not exist. Prayer dependant human beings cling to their deities, gods, or whatever, but never the Creation. The wrong ways of prayer-dependent humans degenerate into illusions that cause their wishes and appeals to unlawfully force desires into realization.

Certain things become named or defined differently under the spiritual mode of thinking, which conscious-thinking people are not able to understand. Because of this, different terms are used for certain matters for deeper meaning, which normal conscious humans do not perceive. This unfortunately, is advantageous for religions, which change these terms to be evaluated in their favor. So, the following terms within prayers, should have the following meanings: “Almighty” means all-knowing, alienable, all-wise, all-logical, and all-loving. “Holy and sacrificed” means to control, exercising control, etc. “Heaven” means the kingdom of the spirit, spiritual kingdom, spiritual life, etc. “Earth” means body, material life, etc. “Bread” means almighty. “Guilt” means mistakes, which are necessary for development and recognition.

The spiritual subconscious is easily able to conceive of the spiritual mode of thinking and elaborate on it. In prayers, pure spiritual forms of thoughts become exercised from the senseless prattling of many words. Even if people may not consciously understand the spiritual forms and expressions, they are still conceived by the spiritual subconscious in cooperation with the spirit and used. For non-spiritual people, this knowledge is withheld because they are mostly imprisoned by religions and they are not able to interpret the meaning of a spiritual kind of thinking. This cannot be explained because they will not conceive its meaning. Because of this, prattle-prayers are prepared by religions, which can be consciously explained and conceived of by non-spiritual people. With these prayers, people dedicate themselves to the wicked and wrongful guidance of religions.

When people understand the words and meaning of these prayers, then a belief grows inside of them and they become slaves to beliefs that have been forced onto them. However, Jmmanuel has prepared a prayer with words that people do not understand the sense of so that they would not be able to fall for any belief. But, the spiritual subconscious of people does understand the meaning of the words. When sufficiently exercised, this prayer never fails to cause the forces of the spirit to develop themselves in the desired ways without consciously knowing what is essentially demanded and desired in the unintelligible prayer. Slowly, the knowledge of recognition and truth is achieved without being influenced by a belief. If people perform this prayer without knowledge of its meaning and a certain consequence results, then it can only be the effect of those powers. If people unconsciously perform the right thing, then the right result must lawfully appear. But, when people perform prayers according to a belief and these result in the desired form, then they also trace back to the belief and its imaginings that are generated in the belief-dependent consciousness.

The following is the interpretation of the prayer prepared by Jmmanuel: “My spirit, who you are existing in almighty,” means “My spirit, who is all-knowing, capable of anything, all-wise in all truth and all-loving within me”. “Your name be sacred” means “Your name witnesses to me your controlling force and ability with all things”. “Your kingdom may incarnate itself inside me” means “Your almighty power spreads through me towards the consciousness of thoughts, which I receive of collected knowledge, forces, wisdom, and love in universal peace and liberty and bring them into utilization and development”. “Your force unfolds itself inside me on Earth and in the heavens” means “May your almighty power come to conscious destination inside of me, in my body and in all spiritual regions”. “Give me my daily bread today” means “Let your almighty power inside of me daily unfold and nourish my ignorance with knowledge and wisdom”. “May I recognize my guilt, and for that, discern the truth” means “With the discernment of my faults, which befall me in the way of my development, remove them. Do not lead me into temptations or confusions, but redeem me from my faults”. “Because yours is the kingdom inside of me and the force and the knowledge in eternity” means “May your almighty power be conscious within me; the power of your abilities and the knowledge in the absolute for the run of all time”.

9.7 Prophets on Earth

Higher developed creatures have been called Prophets - 31.A141-150

In cooperation with creational laws, each world generates extremely highly developed forms of life from time to time, so that higher standing intelligences can come in touch and transmit certain facts. These extremely high developed forms of life are called prophets on Earth and unfortunately, without exception, are always persecuted and pursued with enmity so that nothing will change. Still today, the prophets on Earth are cursed, slandered, and accused of being deceitful, charlatans, and full of fantasy. This is because earthly humans do not want to listen to the voice of truth and tear themselves away from their wrong realism and materialism. Because of this, the Plejarens only communicate with earthly creatures that satisfy their demands and are receptive. Because there has only been one human on Earth in the last 2,000 years that satisfies their demands, they have had to meet with him according to the laws. No other forms of life can be considered for contact in connection with the mission. There have already been difficulties in understanding in the way that the Plejaren explanations, declarations, and interpretations have been wrongly accepted and evaluated. Meier is the only high spiritual form with which the Plejarens will come in contact with. Because of the way things are, the Plejarens have no need or desire to be realized by anyone else.

9.8 Saints

So-called "appearances of the saints" - 34.186-198

When Meier asks about the appearances of saints, Semjase tells him that she and Asket have already explained about that. Since he has been thoroughly informed about this, she cannot understand why he should ask for this again.

9.9 Satan

Satan - "only a product of fantasy for Christianity" - 33.75-88

Certain circles of religion have used the events in the Bermuda Triangle region for their own purposes and clothe them in satanic powers. For about two decades, the unexplained events have been additionally used by certain religious and unclear working groups of ufologists to explain them as being caused by extraterrestrials. They have fed credulous people with untrue and false information to further their fantasies, which originate from religions, of dark, satanic extraterrestrial powers as reliable explanations for the events in the Bermuda Triangle. Like the unreal religions, ufology also had to have a form of Satan in order to keep its believers in check. Because their ufology was based on religious grounds, it was also necessary to create two kinds of powers of good and evil, black and white, godly and satanic.

This was successful because the extraterrestrials do not defend themselves against such pieces of work. However, no defense was necessary because such intrigues slowly run into a dead end for the truth can never be kept silent and everything eventually shines in the light once more. For many, these impure pieces of work mean a way for evolution so that they may elaborate themselves toward the truth. It is very difficult to walk the ways of truth. When people are religiously possessed, they have to fight themselves through certain labors to reach necessary cognitions and recognize their former wrong thinking and behavior. The occurrences in the Bermuda Triangle correspond only to a speculative form when they are brought into connection with extraterrestrial races.

9.10 Sin

Sin - 6.23-30

When humans are put to death under a death penalty, it is not advantageous for their development. This is because they cannot fully complete their sub-period and must repeat this period until it has been finally achieved. This means that those entities must live their lives again from the point where the prior life was terminated. Accordingly, their new lives are shorter because they only have to make good what was missed in order to finish the period’s goal. This could be designated as hell or a punishment because hell means in truth, nothing more than a self-caused punishment that must be suffered. In other words, this means a self-caused fault that must be made good again. The terms “hell” and “sin” in religious meaning, are pure nonsense. No one should feel guilt when they perform mistakes in life and make good for them by recognizing their faults, agreeing to commit them no more, and obtains from this a certain knowledge and wisdom.

9.11 Talmud Jmmanuel

Talmud Jmmanuel - 1.60-66

In Semjase’s first contact with Meier, she stated that she knows he is aware of a secret old scripture. The originals were unfortunately destroyed by the carelessness of their commissioner, who was Meier’s friend, and who by regret has failed in fear. He is told to diffuse and spread the translation of this scripture, because it is the only one, which is the authentic truth. They know he also writes about this scripture and the truth. They consider it to be the most important book to be written. But, its language will be harsh and will be met with hatred. It only offers the truth to Earth humans, though some speculations are in it. It is finally able to destroy, for many, the madness of religion or at least temper it very deliberately. It is an extraordinary piece of work that Meier ought to make accessible for humanity.

Talmud Jmmanuel and Isa Rashid, co-discoverer - 6.50-55

Meier asks about the Talmud Jmmanuel and the commissioner who is guilty of destroying the original writings. The Plejarens contacted an individual with the initials of M.R. for a mission to recover the Talmud Jmmanuel and disclose it to the world. Unfortunately, he has failed in many things. For too long, he has been depending upon the false reality of religion, which took root in him and often led him to think and act illogically. Regretfully, this is a fact that cannot be made good again.

M.R. [Isa Rashid] and the Talmud Jmmanuel - 7.22-48

The Plejarens had been contacting M.R. since 1956. He was a priest of the Greek Catholic church. He was ordered to handle different matters, which he promised to do. As a result, the Plejarens thought him to be the right person to solve a difficult mission. He was shown the location where he could find the Talmud Jmmanuel, which was the original scripture written by Judas Ischarioth at the time of Jmmanuel. He learned the old Aramaic language and was able to translate the writings. He performed this properly and created a German translation. While reading the original writings, M.R. became troubled by his conscience and no longer knew what he should acknowledge as the truth. Outwardly, he pretended to believe the Talmud, but in truth, his religious beliefs were too strongly established within him and this troubled him. This was also the reason for him to officially retreat from his religious beliefs in order to dedicate himself to the translations, which he did very well. But, he was never convinced and never knew what to do about it.


He continuously lived in the fear that the scripts would be discovered and become known by others. As a result, he was brought in connection with others who had no fear and vouched for his character. But unfortunately, M.R. became even more fearful and spoke of things, which could cause danger for him and the Talmud. He carried it so far that by the middle of 1974, there remained nothing else for him to do but to flee from Jerusalem and retreat to Lebanon where he lived with his family in a refugee camp under a false name. But, he also had to flee from there to another country. In his fright, he enclosed all writings into a wooden wall. Only hours later, they were completely destroyed in a fire when Israeli military forces invaded. M.R. holds the guilt for the destruction of everything. The Plejarens also accept guilt for this because they confided too much in him and expected too much from him.


Now, the most valuable evidence has been destroyed by chance, which could have revealed the falseness of the Christian religion and all other religions. However, there still exists a quarter of the scripture in German. It will be sufficient to reveal the truth and to free humanity from its deadly delusion. The Plejarens have cut off all contact with M.R. when he fled from Lebanon into Iraq. From then on, the Plejarens no longer kept track of him. He and his family have lost themselves somewhere in the world. They have lost their real names, which will be kept confidential since he may use it again as a priest. In spite of everything, the Plejarens are not hostile-minded towards him and do not want to make trouble for him.

Jmmanuel and Talmud Jmmanuel - retrieved - 8.196-206

The Talmud will not be used as a means of creating a new belief system or for the worshiping of Jmmanuel as an idol. Jmmanuel was only a human being like everyone else. Although he had very great knowledge, he does not embody any symbol, idol, or anything else. He was only a teacher and prophet of spiritual knowledge and wisdom. No creature should ever be idolized or adored as is done on Earth. The only reason for taking the Talmud Jmmanuel from its hiding place after 2,000 years is because the time for truth had come. The lessons of Jmmanuel are not his lessons, but are of the Creation and its laws, which Jmmanuel had to learn, recognize, and acknowledge. He has only revealed what the natural laws demand. He never intended for the delusion to be committed of having him seen as the embodiment of his lessons and be idolized for them. The truth of the Talmud should be learned and acknowledge for its own worth without the attraction of his name and his glorification. Only the truth and laws are important, not the person who has brought them. If another cult were to be constructed around Jmmanuel, then his purpose would not be accomplished. Only the truth and the laws are of absolute importance.

Talmud Jmmanuel - doubters - 9.71-99

Because the Contact Reports agree so closely with the Talmud, it has been claimed that both were written by the same person and thus, could not be right. Meier is told to not trouble himself over this because it is the character of those spiritually ignorant to continuously criticize, distrust, and accuse everything. They often search for connections that they cannot understand because they are not capable of infinite thinking. Their spiritual knowledge and thinking is subjected to sharp boarders, which they can hardly overcome. It is also inconceivable to them that truth, knowledge, and wisdom should always sound the same throughout time. When Jmmanuel spoke of the lessons of knowledge and wisdom, then he was only able to use words that were spoken thousands of years earlier. When, in the present time the same lessons are spoken, the words relay the same meaning as was told by Jmmanuel and all other teachers before him. When the words of today have the same meaning as those of Jmmanuel, then nothing in the lessons have changed. The truth remains the same for all times. It sounds the same over millions of years, even when told by other words.


It is regretful that others have not conceived of this and have criticized the Talmud because of it. They are advised to educate their reasoning abilities and think logically in order to master their spiritual forces and use them. They obstruct their spiritual development when their criticism is illogical. It will not be easy for this to become evident to them because they are far behind Meier’s spiritual development. They may also be still caught up in their religious beliefs to be able to recognize the truth and accept it. They can be still led astray by the belief that truth, knowledge, and wisdom could only be religious and that the Talmud information must also be religious. They believe that better religious beliefs would be good and bring help to humanity. They do not understand that a religion suppresses people and makes them dependent on something that stands above them and gives orders and advice to them. As a result, the followers are no longer the masters over themselves, but subjugate and suppress themselves for something that would stay powerful over them. Throughout the whole universe, nothing good exists in any form of religion.


That which is discussed in the Talmud, is only logical. The Talmud Jmmanuel represents a single scripture that was actually written at the time of Jmmanuel, which contains the only un-falsified lessons of truth, knowledge, wisdom, and the spirit. Other writings of equal character do not exist and it should be given consideration. These lessons could have been written anew and given to Meier for distribution, but this was not intended. Only the Talmud is able to provide evidence of the untrue nature of the Biblical New Testament for humanity on Earth. There exists an evil distrust in it and an unsuited criticism of it. Those who question it are very injured spiritually by religions and live connected to distortions. The many different explanations and interpretations by religions have caused a dreadful confusion in people that they can no longer unravel and neutralize. As a result, people are pulled between real and unreal when it concerns matters of religion or of true reality. The truth always sounds harsh.


Born  in Albany Western Australia July 16 1968  and raised on a farm 15 km from the centre , Moved into the Albany town at 4 years of age at Emu Point where i spent the next 8 years of life dealing with the reality of the 1970's. Nearly everyone smoked , the grownups that is, I felt like i had to prove something to fit in, it wasnt just proactively joining in . I somehow sucluded myself a lot of the time wandering off exploring the vacancy scrubs , shores and bushland, even at that early age. i was always in tune with nature , and often studied the flora and fauna of every locality i may have found myself in. I was interested in drawing rockets and prototype vehicles almost like a chilish surrealism.My musical talents were also showing and found a keen interest in the harmonica.My "old man" was a very good harmonica player , old school country vamping type, and picked it up by listening. Fortunatly  he did let me play them. he was at that stage a fire warden , and  shire councillor.We headed out in a Toyota stout ute one day with a water tank on the back with fire pump, to a raging bushfire in which Dad promptly gave me instructions to stay in the ute, I new how to operate the reel to reel recorder which was located inbetween the front seats. I grabbed the harmonicas from the dash and start playing to the likes of charlie pride jhonny cash and elvis.Flames20 meters licking and thick black smoke either side , i can still to this day feel the intensity , even though at the time , it was in the back of my mind for my main focus was in my music.. it felt like hours it would at that age , but it was along time , my dad was out with a knapsack water pack and a wet heshian bag to fight the fire . anyhow , i thought i would touch a fraction of my life because these are the most important years , moulding the clay to be fired in latter years' The developing stage. i became a master harmonica master at the age of 17 and was also teaching and playing with garage bands , smoking pot , and drinking.,I was given an ultimatum by my father to get a job or go to technical college. I did a professional french cooking course. I worked at a few restaurants after that and was a barman . I worked ..rather slogged my guts out , with WMC kambalda Nickel operations as a mill operator , crusher operator and othe divisions. 190 hours per fortnight , 16 hour shifts and shovelling nickel fine ore dust 5 times heavier than beach sand, from underneath the conveyer belts up and into a small opening at the belt drum end.I recall shovelling 4 tonnes by myself in 1 shift.........So,    my fitness was up.. I was there for over 3 years , ,,, i was tired of getting paid $8.11c per hour for mining work , sick of taking speed , lsd, and pot, so i quit and worked back in Albany at the woolstores , wollen mills , teaching at family music centre and privatly, and playing in local bands...............More to come of my life shortly

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