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Consolidation in the Picture Frame Industry
Thursday, April 15th 2010   -   By: Myron D. Arndt   -

Canada has just lost a major wholesale distributor further consolidating the supply business in this market. Evidence of the recession and changes made by customers and suppliers alike to refine their businesses and cut costs, protect margins and look for efficiency.

These changes will also open the door for more regional and niche players again as the industry re-forms around the available supply of products.

Change is always both a challenge and an opportunity. I will be interested to hear about the affects of some of these changes on small
What is Organic Framing?
Sunday, March 28th 2010   -   By: Myron D. Arndt   -

Have you heard the term "Organic" applied to almost everything today? Well - yes it has also been applied to picture framing.

The best definition I can come up with is that organic framing is;

"The design of a frame for a work of art that is inspired from the creative mind of the artist/designer and is unusual in that it takes a form not normally associated with a picture frame"

One such example recently shown at the Olympic Games in Vancouver, BC Canada and produced for its client by MatShop is this aluminum question of the is
Changes and New Chapters
Sunday, March 28th 2010   -   By: Myron D. Arndt   -
Transition is complete and I now find myself working in new areas with our publishing business under new ownership and new directions.

As a result the blog turns to more of the direction I now find myself working in - that of the enhancement of 2-dimensional visual art through custom framing.

I will take a more direct look at this industry and how we assist artists, photographers, crafters, and businesses as well as individuals to make good matting and framing choices for their projects.
How to Choose Mat Colors for your Pictures - Part 3
Thursday, January 8th 2009   -   By: Myron D. Arndt   -


Double Mat Choices

With double mats – you have many more options available to you for your second or inner mat. While the outside mat should adhere to the rules for single mat choices – because you are adding an accent color beneath – you can often allow the outer mat to be a bit stronger since the eye will naturally be drawn to the inner accent color.

The most important thing of course is that the inner accent color should now help continue your eye’s travel on to the focal point of the picture. That is why choosing
10 Simple Things Artists Should Know About Reproductions
Sunday, November 9th 2008   -   By: Myron D. Arndt   -

Here are some simple points that artists considering reproductions should know.   It can save many questions and much cost if you are aware of these simple facts and educate yourself about the points that specifically apply to you.

A good reproduction has to come from a good painting. A good

reproduction needs a good quality starting file.   If printing digitally, you need a scan

or photo of your artwork that is high quality, high resolution and in


A good

reproduction needs a a
Small is Beautiful
Thursday, November 6th 2008   -   By: Myron D. Arndt   -

One of the great things about one current internet trend for artists is the creation of small works.   Although this is not something every artist can do – for many it has built careers while fuelling opportunities for many people to purchase original art who may have felt that an original by a talented artist was outside their economic reach.


You can find artwork for as low as $25.00 per painting on-line, and while the very same criteria applies to buying a work at this price as it does to something 100 times more costly – you can and
Fine Art Explosion
Saturday, November 1st 2008   -   By: Myron D. Arndt   -
In many ways it is an exciting time to be an artist. The ability to put your artwork out for anyone to view via the internet is allowing artists who have hitherto been reticent to contact galleries or publishers to expose their work a great opportunity.

Of course many would argue that it also makes it more difficult to sift through lesser quality offerings to find those gems that are both interesting and of high quality.

Some of the great tools addressing that problem are finely tuned search engines, blogs with juried selections, art groups forming on line
How to Choose Mat Colors for your Pictures - Part 4
Tuesday, October 28th 2008   -   By: Myron D. Arndt   -


Mat Border Sizes

A last but key element in choosing mats is to determine how wide the mat borders should be around your image. Once again the rule of matting to draw your eye to the focus of the picture can be your guide. Too wide and all you see is mat. Too narrow and the mat will seem cheap or unnecessary.

Some professionals have a comfort level with a simple percentage – i.e. 15 - 20% of the smallest dimension of the image should be the mat border. Using this rule an image that is 24” x 30” would have a minimum mat
How to Choose Mat Colors for your Pictures - Part 2
Wednesday, October 22nd 2008   -   By: Myron D. Arndt   -


Single Mat Choices

When choosing a single mat to go around your images you need to realize that people looking at the picture will have their eyes drawn to the most visually stimulating area – usually the area of the picture with the greatest color, contrast or dominant focal point.

If you choose a mat that overshadows this area, then you will hurt the presentation of the picture – no matter how well the mat color matches your wall or furnishings.

Therefore – if choosing a single mat – use a color that the
How to Choose Mat Colors for your Pictures - Part 1
Sunday, October 19th 2008   -   By: Myron D. Arndt   -

There are several simple techniques that professionals in the art and framing industry use to be able to shorten the time it takes to choose the exact right mat color or mat combination for matting and framing pictures. In this series I will present a couple of rules and then apply those rules in three further posts;

1. Single Mats

2. Double Mats

3. Mat Border Sizes

One very important rule to remember is – Mat (and frame) your picture to suit the picture – not the wall, the furnishings or is not

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