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Ask Art Marketing Secrets: Open For Questions!
Monday, December 13th 2010   -   By: Daniel   -

Have a great art marketing question that has been perplexing you or holding you back from that stellar success you dream of? Now is your chance to ask! Our new department,

Ask Art Marketing Secrets

is now open for business and we’re looking forward to answering your questions.

Do you have questions or concerns about artist websites , email marketing, search engines for artists , social networking for artists, hosting open studios, building relationships with collectors online or offline, closing sales, selling art ,
Unsubscribe Me From Your Stupid List Please!
Saturday, December 11th 2010   -   By: Daniel   -

That is the message that greeted me in an email I received earlier this week. It was 6am and I had just made myself a cup of green tea and was starting my day in an exuberant mood as I reviewed emails. The cause of this this terse little response was an email we sent out promoting the smARTist Telesummit . This is an event which we really believe in and in 2011 we are invited Keynote speakers.

I’m normally fairly thick skinned on the odd occasion someone unsubscribes from one of our email lists – but this time I felt different. This was a who
Picture Framing tip of the Month - Choose a Double Mat
Sunday, October 10th 2010   -   By: Myron D. Arndt   -

The fall is noted for being the most popular time to do picture framing and lots of questions are asked about what advantages are gained by a double mat versus a single mat on photos or artwork.

While a single mat does provide a buffer between glass and artwork and can enhance and frame the work - the double mat is all about accent and tying the entire presentation together.

1.  By choosing a secondary or terciery color in the artwork and coordinating your inner mat to that color you directly connect the viewer to the artwork by bringing -
Making your Artwork Stand-Out – Simply
Sunday, September 19th 2010   -   By: Myron D. Arndt   -

In the search for presentation of your artwork, sometimes the most obvious and simplest solutions are elusive in the vast array of frame, mat and mounting options.

Here are a few of the simple ones to consider:

Clearly Glass

Float your artwork between two pieces of glass.  For example, take an 8 x 10 photo, painting or drawing and mount it with adhesive transfer tape or glue to a piece of 11 x 14 glass – centering the artwork.  Overlay this with a second 11 x 14 glass and pop into a simple wood frame with no backing or
Thursday, September 9th 2010   -   By: Myron D. Arndt   -

Everyone is looking for an economical way of presenting your art or photos in a professional manner and many of the on-line art supply wholesalers have answered the call.

In most cases they have taken the most common sizes of regular and digital artwork and provided pre-cut mats in the common black and white combinations that suit those sizes including cutting the openings in the mats for the most common uses.

Then they have provided those mats in single or double with options like regular matboard, conservation quality or 8-ply conservation as
Picture Matting Tip of the Month
Monday, September 6th 2010   -   By: Myron D. Arndt   -
Professionals attach their artwork or photos to the back of the mat – or to a backing board.  However, when using tape – they only tape the artwork to board at the top – often called “hinging”.

Why is this done?  Why not just secure the artwork all around to the board – would that not be more secure?

Beside the fact that the hinging tape or acid-free tape used to attach the art to the mat or board is made for that purpose and both strong and not susceptible to drying out – by hinging only the top of the artwork or photo you allow the a
Monday, July 12th 2010   -   By: Myron D. Arndt   -

One of the ways to spice up a matted picture of either an event, family photo, achievement or keepsake – is to create a special opening in the mat you put around your photo or artwork.

This additional “Opening” can be a small round opening to hold a coin or medal, a rectangular or other shaped opening to hold a small object or simply a printed text, logo or graphic that somehow ties into what you are showing in the primary window of your mat.


The simplest example is the “message box” – a square or rectangular in
How to use matting to “Float” your artwork!
Sunday, June 27th 2010   -   By: Myron D. Arndt   -
A technique that is often used by custom picture framers is to “Float” your artwork.  This is most commonly used when you must retain the entire piece of artwork to be viewed – yet still wish to have a mat placed in the frame that keeps the artwork from touching the glass.

However, it is also an excellent way to frame some items for additional interest sake – for example a fine print on paper that has a torn or “decaled” edge that adds interest to the presentation.

Floating the work simply means showing all of the artwork by attaching it to
Event, Award and Achievement Framing
Sunday, June 13th 2010   -   By: Myron D. Arndt   -

One of the biggest reasons for personal framing is to mark those special events, awards or achievements whether your own or those of family and friends.

This could include graduation or other educational milestones, corporate and sales success, sports, music, the arts, etc.

We may not all have a World Cup or Stanley Cup or Top Salesperson award or certificate, but we all do have accomplishments and reached goals to celebrate.

Correctly matting and framing those captured events and triumphs will create something that you can are a
Why does picture framing cost so much?
Friday, May 28th 2010   -   By: Myron D. Arndt   -

The simple answer is that Picture Framing is a business - and one in which expertise, access to materials and often specialized equipment becomes part of the price.

In today's world where anything can be bought at a discount - value is often overlooked.  And value is not something that is equal in every one's eyes.  For example;  if you are a good mechanic and can repair your car yourself - you see little value in taking it to a repair shop and paying hundreds of dollars to change  a water pump.

Yet for many of us - the shop

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