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3 Reasons Why Consistency is King For The Successful Artist
Saturday, April 30th 2016   -   By: Daniel   -

Today as I was wandering through the San Diego Artwalk Festival I was reminded of the supreme importance for an artist to have a consistent style. There was a lot of mediocre art, a few really inspiring art booths, and a range in between. What struck me most though was that many of the artists clearly had talent that was not fully developed because their work was unfocused and spread across several styles.

Its a well-known concept that is drummed into artists almost continually by art coaches and marketing consultants – be consistent! But why Why is
Six Secrets for Cultivating a Successful Artist
Tuesday, September 30th 2014   -   By: Daniel   -

What is Success? It’s something that has many layers from the personal to the universal. In the narrowest sense its something unique and subjective that you have to define for yourself. There are general themes like recognition, fame, earning an income, financial freedom, happiness, etc. But the exact definition really depends on the individual and what makes them tick.

At the other extreme there is a broader context of success – one that goes beyond the personal into the universal and looks at the legacy we leave for those around us or who come after a
Art Marketing – What Really Is The Secret?
Saturday, March 15th 2014   -   By: Daniel   -

Since we started Art Marketing Secrets in 2005 there has been a treasure trove of truly great advice from literally thousands of sites on how to market and sell art online and offline. Its entirely possible that the sum total of all the worlds best thinking on this topic has already been expressed and exhausted multiple times. Many times when I read articles about marketing or selling art, I feel like I’m just reading the same old stuff creatively re-expressed in new phrases. I mean really – how much more can be said?

The question is –
6 Reasons Why Your Artist Website Should Use WordPress
Wednesday, October 12th 2011   -   By: Daniel   -

Thinking about a new artist website? Two weeks ago 1stwebdesigner featured a great article titled, “Six Solid Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress”. We think that’s a great message and its just as true (if not more so) for artist websites as it is for the Joe Schmo small business.

Lets start with 1stwebdesigners 6 Reason Titles and we’ll add our 2c worth on why WordPress makes SO MUCH sense for artists! Oh – and just to be clear we’re talking here about the version of WordPress you host yourself ( ), not (
Sunday, September 18th 2011   -   By: Myron D. Arndt   -

The fall is a great time to review goals and plan projects.  Although January is a time for New Year's resolutions - I have always felt that fall - after a summer hiatus - was always the time I did the best planning.

When planning, you are open to new ideas, using old materials in a new way - or new materials to give life to old ideas.

One such way is to re-evaluate frames and frame styles and color.  Photography and utility frames have long used dark and mostly black frames in recent years.  Now we are seeing a resurgence in and
How to Choose the Right Type of Mat Board For Your Project
Sunday, August 14th 2011   -   By: Myron D. Arndt   -

 A common concern of artists and photographers is choosing the right type of mat board.

There are confusing terms used to sell mat board.

Terms such as Acid-Free, PH Neutral, Archival, Rag, Alpha-Cellulose, Lignin-Free, FSC Certified etc.

The key to choosing the right board should be based on desired life-span of the final product. 

Although there are many variations - most mat boards fall into 3 categories.

1. Decorative

2. Conservation

3. Museum mat boards are in
Andy Warhol: 12 Interesting Facts
Sunday, June 19th 2011   -   By: Daniel   -

Andy Warhol was a 1960s pop icon famous for his extravagant persona and attention grabbing artworks such as his famous Campbell’s Soup painting. Warhol was one of the central players in a powerful wave of art and music that swept over our planet in the 1960s and 70s – looking into his life gives a fascinating snapshot of this period.

Andy Warhol’s birth name was Andrew Warhola. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1928, his parents, Ondrej and Julia were immigrants from Miková in northeastern Slovakia.

His very first movie was it
6 Tips To Bring More Visitors To Your Artist Website
Wednesday, June 1st 2011   -   By: Daniel   -

Zachary Sosa from Boerne Texas posed a great question to Ask Art Marketing Secrets this week – one that troubles artists in every country on the planet and in every stage of their careers. Zachary writes:

How can I increase traffic to my website? Everyone I have asked have said that they think my art is really good. I just need someone to give me a chance.

You’re in great company Zachary – most artists start marketing online with a dream of a great website that will attract many visitors who buy buy buy! The reality mostly
Want To Sell Your Art? Build A Community
Monday, April 11th 2011   -   By: Daniel   -

This last week I received an email from a visitor at Beautiful Artist Websites . We get many emails asking questions about marketing and selling art online and offline, but this particular message got my attention. Let me quote:

Hello. I am from a little town in Wyoming and I am wanting to ask a pretty simple question, Well my wife is a painter/sculptor. She is the best I have seen in my eyes but not only mine, my family, her family all our friends – and she has won art shows throughout Wyoming. She moved to California and tried the art program there
Mat Tips for 2011 - February - Spacing for Mats
Saturday, February 5th 2011   -   By: Myron D. Arndt   -
A common question when matting photos or artwork is whether to leave a space around the image and if so how much.

Whether to leave a space or not is dependent on a couple of things.  First of all is the work signed or numbered in the white margin below the image.  If so - a space at least as wide as the written signature and number should be left all around the image.

Secondly - is the piece very dark and are you using a dark mat.  If so - the white space may create a glaring white border that visually takes away from the image - in which case

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