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Monday, November 21st 2022   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -


Multiple packaging designs of teas and snacks on the shelves of European supermarkets. All painted in watercolor. Watercolor illustrations of seeds, herbs, flowers, and nuts painted in loose and easier brush strokes, yet the cereal and muesli are painted in watercolor in hyper-realistic style. 


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Monday, November 7th 2022   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -


The bread on the packaging design is painted by me in hyper realistic style. The seeds, herbs, nuts are also in watercolor, but they are painted in more loose and easier brush strokes.

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Monday, October 24th 2022   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -


Here are a few packaging designs with my watercolor of Almond nuts with milk and dark chocolate, delicious pieces of chocolate, salted caramel and raspberry. All are painted in hyper realistic manner. 

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Monday, October 10th 2022   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -


I am so happy that these new products with my watercolor illustrations of Honeycomb Candy Bar, Salted Caramel, Dark and Milk Chocolate are now on the market. 

I've painted these watercolor illustrations in realistic style for one my International clients. So glad that this company selected my art for their food packaging designs.   

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Monday, September 26th 2022   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

Here are a few packaging designs with my watercolor illustrations of Chips with Bell Peppers, Garbanzo Beans, and Paprika. All are painted in hyper realistic manner. 

It was not easy to paint the hip of paprika in watercolor but it was surely fun! :)

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Monday, September 12th 2022   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -


Here are a few packaging designs with my watercolor of Wooden Bowls with Linsen, Bulgar, Quinoa, and Burger. All are painted in hyper realistic manner. 

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Monday, September 5th 2022   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

I am so glad that my

Artist Illustrator Portfolio

is growing exponentially. This year three new products with my watercolor food illustrations came on market:

Watercolor illustration of dark chocolate and honeycomb painted in realistic style, delicious watercolor of salted caramel honeycomb candies, and watercolor illustration of milk chocolate on sweet treat as well painted in watercolor. Find artist illustrator that paints diverse foods in such precision is not an easy task. 

It was so much fun for me not only painting porous airy honeycomb candies in watercolor, but as well a small pieces of caramel, salt grains, and chunks of delicious chocolate. 

I am thrilled that my new International client from Great Britain, Mighty Fine, loved my watercolor food illustrations for their packaging designs! 

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Monday, August 22nd 2022   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

Here is a new packaging design with my watercolor of Beetroots, Ginger, Elderberries, and Apples.

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Monday, August 22nd 2022   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

These are new products with my watercolors on the packaging desing:

Watercolor Icicles Berries Fruits Ice Cream 

It was fun not only painting mango, raspberries, and strawberries in watercolor but as well these realistic painting of ice-cream icicles on the wooden sticks:

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Monday, August 8th 2022   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

A new package design with my watercolor illustrations of honey, berries, and spices.

MOON Milk - Good Night

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Monday, July 25th 2022   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

Here is a new Watercolor Cauliflower Illustration on Food Packaging Design.

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Monday, July 11th 2022   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

Professional watercolor artist illustrator paints what the customer requires. In this somewhat challenging watercolor project, I was asked to paint a few interesting things.

The chickpeas and bell peppers for this Humus Chips packaging design were certainly entertaining to paint. However, the chips with their shape were quite an interesting challenge to take on. The shape of the chips and the color were suppose to be exactly as the shape and color of this new actual product; so, I had to paint them from photograph. 

On the other hand, painting in watercolor a little pile of paprika peppers was lots of fun (dot by dot, crumb by crumb) :)

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Saturday, July 2nd 2022   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -


In this post I would like to present my bestselling paintings for home and office décor, most of which are created in watercolor and water media. They are in abstract nature and loved by many of my art collectors. Here I want to thank each of the art collector who recently selected these bestsellers for their home office interior, or for the decoration of their bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways. I wrote about my mission for the end of this year


Above painting was purchased by the art collector from Gurney, IL, I am very grateful for this customer to choose it; and, I adore the rustic frame that was selected in this case. 

Many Thanks to the art collector from Mantoloking, NJ for buying this abstract watercolor painting as a canvas print:

It is wonderful that in contrast of subtle beige or gray colors, the art collector from Daniels, WV selected this purple splash abstract watercolor painting that I created on special paper called yupo. Many many thanks: 

My gratitude goes to the International art collector from Barcelona, Spain for purchasing a large print on wooden board, It looks incredible! No wonder it is one of my bestselling watercolor paintngs:

Endless thanks to the art collector from Livingston, NJ who purchased this large fluid watercolor painting in blue hues. It looks absolutely stunning in the interior décor of a living room:

But the art collector from Kalamazoo, MI wanted this style of abstract watercolor in monochrome gray. It does look great in the study area or a hallway, isn't it:

Warm thanks to the art collector from Ithaca, NY for purchasing a gorgeous symphony of Fall Leaves in a nice black frame with simple clean looking whit mat:

Art collector form Birmingham, MI wanted to decorate their house with this abstract blue vortex bestselling watercolor painting:

Another creative vortex, a semi-abstract painting, this time with Monarch Butterflies, was purchased by the art collector from Manassas, VA. I am entirely grateful to my art collectors that purchased this all time bestseller artwork:

The customer from Naples, FL loved placing this acrylic print of abstract leaves into a simple whit frame with white mat. It matches perfectly the whit organic lines of the leaves. Many warm thanks:

Art collector from Virginia Beach, VA selected this Abstract Waterfall bestselling painting on large canvas print:

International Art Collector from Montreal, QC, Canada ordered a large canvas print with this artwork. I am grateful and really appreciate it:

Abstract watercolor Rainbow Splash in a nice black frame looks so great in interior. Many thanks to the art collector from Dallas, TX:

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Monday, June 27th 2022   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

Here is a new product 1001 Night Porridge with my Watercolor Illustrations on it. It was quite interesting to paint spices, dried fruits, and even porridge itself all in watercolor for this product!

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Saturday, June 25th 2022   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

As I mentioned in one of my posts (link is HERE ) I am entirely grateful to all my art collectors; and, I want to say personal thanks to them. 

This post is about Bestselling Landscape Paintings. 

Above painting was loved by a local art collector from the state of Washington.

Warm thanks to the International customer from Auckland, - New Zealand for purchasing print with this landscape!   

International customer from Blainville, QC - Canada loved these two bestselling watercolor landscapes with Bay Area San Francisco view printed on greeting cards:

Above artworks are:

Golden Gate Bridge View From Point Bonita

Hazy Morning at Crab Cove in Alameda California

Many thanks to the Art Collector from Carlsbad, CA for purchasing a framed print with this artwork:

Art Collector from Austin, TX purchased original and the art collector from my Pictorem Gallery purchased a large print. Many warm thanks!

The following Impressionistic style watercolor landscape that is a long time bestseller, was recently purchased as prints many times.

Many thanks to the Art Collector from Sandy Springs, GA for purchasing a print with this artwork:

And my appreciation goes to a wonderful Art Collector from Northridge, CA for purchasing a large print of this bestselling landscape painting of a

Redwood Creek

in the beautiful classic white frame! Many warm Thanks! 

Warm Thanks to the Art Collector from Shafter, CA for purchasing a framed print with this artwork! 

Warm thanks to the local Art Collector from Porter Ranch, CA for purchasing print with this bestselling artwork!

My deepest appreciation goes to the Art Collectors from Humble, TX; Eastchester, NY; Spokane Valley, WA; Plymouth, MA; and Little Rock, AR for purchasing prints with this artwork! I am so happy so many customers love this painting 

Another girl and ocean theme, and another bestselling artwork of mine was purchased recently by the Art Collector from Sacramento, CA:

Next two bestselling semi abstract landscape paintings were sold multiple times through WayFair website that I have a licensing contract with..

It was nice for the customer Melissa to leave a great comment:  I love the vibrant colors.

And it was so sweet for another WayFair customer Lauri to leave this nice comment:

I love trees and now that I think about it, every picture in my home except for family portraits consists of trees. I love this one for several reasons: the image is simple but striking, and the color palette is very soothing. I bought two of these and put one in each of my bathrooms. Those rooms are beautiful and relaxing as a result.

My appreciation goes today to the Art Collector from Middlebury, VT for purchasing framed print with this artwork of Switzerland Mountains bestselling landscape watercolor:

Many warm thanks to the Art Collector  from Columbus, NC for purchasing this artwork:

My Italian sketching project that I painted a few years ago is now popular among my art collector as well. 

Huge  thanks to the Art Collector from Seattle, WA for purchasing a framed artwork with Boboli Gardens Watercolor

Another great bestseller that was purchased multiple time in the past was recently loved by art collector from Framingham, MA, who bought this artwork of Positano Italy on canvas :

And the last but not least painting purchase from my Bestsellers Collection was a romantic watercolor landscape with Blue Bicycle that was purchased by the Art Collector from Aurora, CO. Many many thanks! 

Live To Create! 

Saturday, June 18th 2022   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -


Today I want to present the most beautiful watercolor bestselling paintings that were recently sold on merchandise such pillows, towels, bags, clothes, blankets, shower curtains, duvet, and notebooks, as well on coffee mugs and cellphone cases.

I am entirely grateful to all the customers that appreciate my art and purchased these lovely handy and cozy things.

Here are my personal thanks to the Art Collectors from:

Humble, TX; Encio, CA; Merrimack, NH; Woodbury, CT; Bradbury, CA; Portland, OR;  Rye, NY; Baltimore, MD; Baton Rouge, LA; Greensville, SC; Seattle, WA; Upland, CA; Longview, TX; Temecula, CA; Alameda, CA; New York, NY; Boston, MA

and International Customers from: 

Great Britain, Canada, Hungary, Australia, and New Zealan d 

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Monday, June 13th 2022   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

Here is a new Mozzarella Tomato Basil Watercolor illustrations on Food Packaging designs. It was quite challenging to paint white mozzarella in just a few colors such very faint yellow and grayish blue 


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Saturday, June 11th 2022   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -


As I mentioned


this year I would like to thank all my art collectors that purchased artworks from me this year. 

This year was very productive, and I want to thank personally all people that found my art paintings with Flowers suitable for their houses and home offices. They made me a successful artist and many of my humble artworks became a bestselling art. 

Many warm thanks to the Art Collectors from Hereford, TX; Folsom, CA; Simi Valley, CA; Beaufort, SC; Salt Lake City, UT; Smyrna, GA; El Cajon, CA; East Millinocket, ME; Marlborough, MA; Pine Mountain, GA; Lyndhurst, OH; Loomis, CA; Alexandria, VA; Pleasant Grove, UT; St. Peters, MO; Kennewick, WA; Greenville, NC; Napa, CA; Chicago, IL; Greenwood, IN; San Antonio, TX; Clayton, NJ; and Bozeman, MT.

By clicking on each painting you can see the artworks in a great detail:

Sunflowers in the bicycle basket:

Live To Create! 

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Saturday, June 4th 2022   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

Many thanks to the art collectors from Middleburg FL; Kerrville TX; Williston, ND; Lansing, MI; Portland, OR; Seabrook, TX; Wheaton IL: and local Art collector from Washougal, WA; as well at to International Art Collector from Koo Wee Rup, VIC – Australia.

I also love sharing review from WayFair customer who bought the print with Birds:

The colours are bright and vibrant. Because I have a large wall I ordered the largest size. It looks stunning above my blue love seat ! I order large pictures when I can as they give more impact. The picture quality is just as good as the smaller ones .... they DO NOT distort as others have indicated. It came well packaged and damage free.


Many Many Thanks!!  

Live To Create! 


Monday, May 30th 2022   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

Mango Goji Porridge Watercolor Illustrations On a new product Food Packaging 

Live To Create!  

Saturday, May 28th 2022   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -


I have a huge collection of paintings with Map Of The World Silhouettes in my relatively new modern collection

WORLD MAPS WATERCOLOR  . Effective today it has more than hundred paintings. They got very popular among my Art Collectors; mostly thanks to the Licensing Company that sells my art though WayFair website. 

On that website, the location of the Art Collector in most of the cases is unknown. But sometimes a very nice Art Collector makes a comment. 

Today, I want personally thank Melissa, Lindsay, Rachel, Heather, Mirzat, Brian, Taylor, Viviana, Terry, Andrene, Joseph, Olivia, Angela, Carlene, Mary, Alexis, Kathryn, and many many more. 

Here are just a few comments that these lovely Art Collectors left, they do warm my heart:

"Looks great and fits into the blue scheme in my living room."

"Turned out perfect. I do wished I’d gotten a bigger size. Was very impressed with the packaging and quality."

"Very cute painting. Great quality. Look great in my kids playroom."

"Beautiful picture, I got the framed canvas..."

"Love it"

"Cute and colorful"


Live To Create!

Saturday, May 21st 2022   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -


Bicycles paintings and painting with Dancing Silhouettes are quite popular this year. Huge thanks to the customers from


website that sell lots of these themes paintings. I am very grateful to all of them! 

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Monday, May 16th 2022   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -

Dragon Fruit Watercolor Illustration on Food Packaging Design of a new Smoothie bottle that is now on the shelves of various grocery stores. 

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Saturday, May 14th 2022   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -


In the last decade I developed a great realistic style for

food paintings and illustrations . From my academical studies, I was mostly painting still life artworks; yet, my recent clients love the food illustrations on white.  My Food Illustrations Portfolio of watercolor illustrations on packaging designs that are sold all around the world is


However, in this article I would like personally express my gratitude to the Art Collectors who selected these painting prints for their home décor. 

Many thanks to the customers from Vancouver, WA;Titusville, FL; Santa Monica, CA; Goodyear, AZ; Montreal, QC; Wetherby, UK; Santa Barbara, CA; Anchorage, AK; Lexington, KY; Chandler, AZ; Gillam, MB; Collinsville, IL for recently purchasing prints with the following delicious still life paintings and food illustrations:

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Thursday, May 12th 2022   -   By: (irinasztukowski)   -


I was so pleased to read recent article about 51 Best Flowers Coloring Books Of All Time , where my book (in collaboration with Masha Batkova )   was rated the Third Place in whole entire Amazon, not only in the US but Internationally. 

Here is the article LINK

And here is the link to my Amazon page with this and other books:

Books by Irina Sztukowski

Live To Create!!!  

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