Elizabeth J White's Gallery   -   Artist Biography

Joan Elizabeth White is a artist from SC , she signs her art with Middle name first.

She works with Acrylics, Oils , and other Media. She has exhibited throughout South Carolina, with work currently on display at a group exhibit in Greenville, SC.

She has been Juried into art festivals and has sold works. She paints from her imagination, or from feelings hopes and dreams , or she can create from what she

sees, the way in which she see's things.  She is either drawing or painting and not

well known, is her poetry.  She only began to share her work in 2011 , and has

been doing that ever since being urged by a dear friend, to get her work out into the world. Joan made a promise she would(sadly her friend passed away before her first Art Show) But Joan is keeping a promise made and it has became her passion to show her art as well as create it, when for so many years, the art was hidden and kept to herself.

If you see her work, there is something about it, that will touch your heart, a sweetness, for lack of a better word, If you see something you like and the price is not right for you.

She will work with you.